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Repurpose your Summer wardrobe with Second Stitch!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Maybe you're one of those people who can't bear to throw out a much loved item of clothing.. that's right, the one with all the holes. You hang on to it for years in the hope that by the time Summer has returned, the garment will have magically fixed itself! But unfortunately, it hasn't, and it never will. But there are some ladies who would love the opportunity to fix your clothes! And it's time to visit them.. just in time for Summer!

Second Stitch offer a fabulous alterations service and create beautifully crafted tote bags, hats and cushions.

Second Stitch's alterations service

Second Stitch is a refugee and asylum seeker run textile enterprise located in Coburg, Melbourne. The studio provides a space for students to learn Certificate III in Textile and Clothing Production and to prepare themselves for work opportunities in the textile and clothing industry. The space is friendly, safe and warm. And your favourite clothes are well cared for.

It's not just about the clothes

By visiting Second Stitch, you're not only giving your clothes a second life, you're also supporting the ladies who are creating a second life of their own. Many of these ladies have traveled from traumatic circumstances. Some have found an interest in sewing through Second Stitch's free weekly sewing day, 'Open Seam'. It is through this pathway that Second Stitch provides stability, safety and security for the women who now share a love of sewing together.

Creating a film with the ladies at Second Stitch was a truly humbling experience. If you're too busy to fix your own clothes this year, why not drop them into Second Stitch who will happily fix them with love. You'll feel the difference and so will they.

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