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Peter Owen

South Australian Director,

The Wilderness Society 

"From concept development to product completion, Green Collar Production's work is outstanding. They are creative professionals with real artistic vision."

Laura Issell

Director/Sustainable Events Manager, Put Your Heart Into It

"The commitment and passion of Green Collar Productions for making an impact through videography is unwavering and inspirational. They guided me through the process of film making for the first time, holding my hand through the whole process. They were dedicated to creating the perfect outcome. Their integrity, goodwill, and hardworking attitude creates an environment that is always a pleasure to work in."

Billie Dee Hass


Sensilla Candles

"My experience filming with Green Collar Productions was one of self-exploration. They made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and dedicated a lot of time editing my film. I highly recommend them for dedication and commitment to their clients." 

Niki Scevak

Co-Founder, Startmate

"Green Collar Productions was a delight to work with and nailed the brief in crafting the stories we were looking to capture. I'd unreservedly recommend them to anyone looking to uncover the human stories of business."

Urmila Ravikumar

Communications manager,

VICSEG New Futures

"It has been a pleasure working with Green Collar Productions. They were easy to work with, very resourceful, professional and generous with ideas and time. I highly recommend them for their commitment to working with social initiatives, their creative and professional drive."




"I organised a portrait shoot with Green Collar Productions and was impressed with how relaxed they made me feel.  The photos came out great and I'm very happy!" 



Dr. Dave Collins

Managing Director,

Synergetics Pty Ptd.

"Green Collar Productions quickly understands what is needed. They direct, shoot and edit to create a very high quality video."

Keith Gordon Douglass

Gamilaraay man And conservationist

"I am a long lost son of the Gamilaraay Nation. Green Collar Productions has made a profound affect bringing to light the irreparable damage gas exploration has caused to the Pilliga, Western NSW. This was the first time I had seen my mother's country. What I have witnessed was country poisoned and devoid of wildlife.. I am now in my 70's , haunted by the soul destroying nature of those that see nothing wrong with sucking the life out of our mother Earth. I make a toast to the grit and determination of Green Collar Productions for making so many of us aware that future life lies in the balance."

Per Staurup


Farmer Incubator Program

"Green Collar Productions directed and produced an exceptional promotional video for our not-for-profit educational company. They consulted extensively with us on the format and design of the video, setting schedules and interview times with a number of people. Their inviting and relaxing interview style made everyone feel comfortable and wanting to contribute more and better material. They consulted further with us to develop the final format and design of the video and delivered the goods on time and in a variety of formats. They also helped with last minute changes to the credits due to errors on our part, with no fuss. We were extremely pleased with the final result, helping up to transmit what we do and how we do it. Their flexibility in accommodating our needs and integrity in making real films for change is second to none and we could not have hoped for a better producer and product. 

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